Recommendation of Ganiashi~ガニアシのススメ~


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Konbu lives on the rock with roots tightly stretched. Do not lose to the rough wave of Hokkaido. It is called “ganiashi” because its shape is similar to “crab’s foot”.


Since the study of Ganiashi began in 1998,

It was found that ganiashi of root more than rice contains more abundant nutrients.

However, Ganiashi was hard because it was not suitable for edible use, but it was abandoned, but it was developed as a supplement as discovery on ganache ‘s health such as anti – cancer action, preventive improvement of lifestyle diseases, hair growth action etc is done.



Main action of Ganiashi

Fucodain contained in Ganiashi markedly elevates the rejuvenating hormone adiponectin concentration in the blood



Promotion of glucose utilization → Improvement of diabetes prevention

Combustion of fat → prevention of hyperlipidemia

Expansion of blood vessel → prevention of hypertension

Repair of blood vessel → Improvement of arteriosclerosis prevention

Tumor Suppression → Cancer Prevention

Hair growth → decrease in hair loss

  1. 糖利用の促進→糖尿病予防改善
  2. 脂肪の燃焼→高脂血症予防改善
  3. 血管の拡張→高血圧予防改善
  4. 血管の修復→動脈硬化予防改善
  5. 腫瘍の抑制→がん予防
  6. 育毛→抜け毛の減少


A lot of Ganiashi’s “Hair Sinos Glow” is a health food so it is not a medicine. If you continue to drink, you can feel the effect.

Currently 26 people continue to drink, but most of the 4 rise in body temperature rises by 0.8 ℃ ~ 1.2 ℃, waking up improves, Hurricane has got out of hair, hair loss decreases I got a lot of impressions of firm happiness such as firm hair growing, limbs are not getting cold, blood pressure has fallen, lean, etc.

In a beauty salon, Ganiashi festival is held three times a year (March, July, November).

“Hair sinos glow”

1 tablet 120 tablets / day 4 tablets 1 month portion

1 bottle for those who buy 8000 yen for 3 bottles!

It will be 6000 yen per one.

Please try first for 4 months.




1本 120錠 1日4錠 1ヶ月分
8000円を3本 おまとめ買いの方に1本おまけ!


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Please note: Hair sinus glow is food. The effect is individual differences. please note that.


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